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2017-2018 Placements : 1. Juspay, Bangalore - Selected 2 Students, 2. Aurum Info Solutions, Chennai - Selected 4 Students, 3. Ionixx Technologies, Chennai - Selected 2 Students, 4. Technosoft Corporation, Chennai - Selected 13 Students, 5. Nextsphere, Hyderabad - Selected 6 Students, 6. 4iQ (Gnana Analytics Pvt Ltd), Hyd - Selected 2 Students, 7. Hexaware BPS, Chennai - Selected 21 Students, 8. Fission Labs, Hyd - Selected 3 Students, 9. ILM, Bang - Selected 49 Students, 10. Bureau Veritas,Noida - Selected 1 Student, 11. Miracle Software Systems - Selected 3 Students, 12. Softsquare, Chennai - Selected 2 Students, 13. Skypro Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore - Selected 6 Students, 14. PathFront, Bangalore - Selected 20 Students, 15. Maintec, Chennai - Selected 13 Students, 16. Rajshriya Automotive Technologies. Chennai - Selected 15 Students, 17. Novel Patent Services, Vizag - Selected 3 Students, 18. Mobius KPO, Chennai - Selected 24 Students, 19. Vee Technologies, Chennai - Selected 10 Students, 20. SIG Overseas, Vijayawada - Selected 4 Students, 21. Flexiware Technologies, Ahmedabad - Selected 4 Students, 22. Infosys - Selected 6 Students, 23. Paragon Digital, Chennai - Selected 23 Students, 24. SoftSuave Technologies, Chennai - Selected 1 Student, 25. SD Mactec IT Solutions, Hyderabad - Selected 2 Students, 26. Ramtech Corporation, Hyderabad - Selected 41 Students, 27. Tollplus India Pvt Ltd (Sure IT), Hyd - Selected 6 Students, 28. Perfect Electronics, Chennai - Selected 17 Students, 29. JKM Automotive, Chennai - Selected 12 Students, 30. HGS, Bangalore - Selected 60 Students, 31. Great India Software Company, Bangalore - Selected 34 Students, 32. Charter Global, Hyd - Selected 5 Students, 33. TVS Sundaram, Chennai - Selected 11 Students, 34. Mindtree, Bangalore - Selected 4 Students, 35. Karvy, Chennai - Selected 27 Students, 36. East India Technologies PVt Ltd, Bangalore - Selected 12 Students, 37. Bias Corporation, Hyderabad - Selected 3 Students, 38. AMR Group, Hyderabad - Selected 6 Students, 39. PEOL Technologies, - Selected 12 Students, 40. Accel Frontline, Chennai - Selected 2 Students, 41. Photon Interactive, Chennai - Selected 1 Student, 42. Infosys (2nd time) - Selected 2 Students.

background Vision:

To produce Professionally Excellent, Knowledgeable, Globally Competitive and Socially responsible Engineers and Entrepreneurs.


M1 :Providing quality education through state-of-art Infrastructure, Laboratories and Committed Staff.

M2 : Establishing a continuous Industry-Institute Interaction, Participation and Collaboration to contribute Skilled Engineers.

M3 : Involving Faculty members and Students in Research and Development to become globally competitive and for betterment of Society.

M4 : Developing Human values, Social values, Entrepreneurship skills and Professional Ethics among the Technocrats.

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I- B.Tech orientation Program - On 11th June'2018 in NRIIT CAMPUS

I-B.Tech Orientation Program on 11th June 2018.





APITA MEGA JOB FAIR - 2018 , On 18th & 19th May'2018 in NRIIT CAMPUS





Main Tech. Chennai : Total Selected 13 Students .

Rajsriya Automotive Industries Pvt,Ltd., Chennai. Total Selected 15 Students .

Mobius Knowledge Services : Total Selected 24 .

VEETECHNOLOGIES ., Bangalore. Total Selected 22 Students .

Paragon Digital -Chennai : Total Selected 20 Students .

Our Student Placements


The College has associated with various recruitment partners like Himentor, Hire Mee, Co-Cubes, Monster, APITA (formerly JKC), AMCAT for Training and Placement activities..


To make the students have hands-on Exposure, NRIIT makes no stone unturned in providing the right platform for the students by conducting professional workshops in the trendy and current areas of various fields of Engineering. The Institute puts special efforts to provide value based internships to its students by maintaining regular Industry Institute Interaction.

E cell at NRIIT

The E cell of the campus also submitted proposals for financial assistance for conducting EDPED (ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS ON NURTURING ENTERPRISING SKILLS) and FDP (FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM) to the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India..

Entrepreneurship initiatives at NRI Institute of Technology
NEAN - Nurturing Entrepreneurs at NRI Institute of Technology, was established in the year 2013 with the main objective of spreading awareness among the students of NRIIT and provide a launching pad for budding entrepreneurs to emerge out of, in and around Vijayawada. NEAN conducts several awareness creation programs on entrepreneurship. Mr. B.V.S. Prasad is functioning as the professor In-charge for the cell. It has got eighty registered students who actively participate and coordinate events that are organized by the cell. The E cell conducts various seminars and workshops in collaboration with the, District Industrial Centre (DIC), AP Productivity Council, successful practicing entrepreneurs and E cell, IIT, Kharagpur.
Global Entrepreneurship Summit
A team of 80 students participated in Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES- 14), conducted by IIT Kharagpur, during January, 2015.  A three day workshop was conducted in Mar 2015 on the campus by AP Productivity Council in collaboration with National Science and Technology Development Board, New Delhi to create awareness on entrepreneurship to the students of NRIIT.  A one day work shop on StartUp India- entrepreneurial skills was conducted on February 27th 2016 on the campus.
StartUp India- entrepreneurial skills
The E cell of the campus also submitted proposals for financial assistance for conducting EDPED (ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS ON NURTURING ENTERPRISING SKILLS) and FDP (FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM) to the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.  A one day workshop on entrepreneurship and emerging technologies was conducted by „iB HUBS‟ on 04/07/2017 at NRIIT.  A one day workshop for creating awareness on entrepreneurship was conducted at NRIIT on 13/10/2017 for the 4th year B.Tech students of CIVIL, MECHANICAL and EEE branches.