Central Library







The Central Library plays an Important role in the college. It caters to the needs of the staff and students of the college. It is one of the landmarks inside campus. It has been carefully built up since 2008, and is housed in an area of 6458 sq ft. The library has a seating capacity for 200 persons. The College Library is Functioning under the Open Access System is having a Total collection of 20,992 volumes of books with 3502 titles covering all the branches of Engineering, Science and Humanities and general fields. Online journals , National and International Journas are being subscribed in our Library. The library has an undoubtedly rich collection of literary and scientific literature. An impressive collection of around 1138 CD's, audio and video's add significantly to the scientific media resources of the library.

Database of the Library Software is well furnished and computerized using EZ-School Library Management Software. The Library Transactions (i.e. issues and return of books) are carried out by Bar Code Technology.

One OPAC System Facility is available to know the book status / availability in the Library.

In addition to this, the library also equipped with an internet browsing centre with over 30 systems which gives the students unlimited free access to various academic resources available on the net. Perhaps the most important reason why this is one of the busiest area in the campus is because of the unique ambience that it provides for students to study and browse through the books. A digital library is available.

Library Timings are from morning 9:20 AM to night 9:00 PM on all working days.

Book Bank

To cater to the requirements of the staff and students, a Book bank is maintained. Two books are issued at a time for a period of 15 days initially. A good number of magazines are also made available besides dailies. Many books relating to competitive examination are kept for reference. The library is kept open continuously for 12 hours.

Library Rules and Regulations

The students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the library and also make use of the library regularly.

All the students and members of the Staff are the Members of the library.
Reference books cannot be taken out of the library under any circumstances.
Library books will be issued according to class-wise schedule as informed by the Librarian.
Absolute silence must be maintained inside the library during time of reading, referring, taking and returning of books.
Students are not allowed to bring their textbooks and other reference books inside the Library.
Student's personal belongings like bags, carriers must be kept outside the Library.
Students are allowed to borrow only two books at a time and can retain it for ten days. The Librarian may call for the return of the borrowed book from any member even before the expiry of the stipulated period.
If the book borrowed is not returned to the Librarian on the due date, a fine of two rupees per day will be levied.
Borrowers should not pass on or give book obtained from the college library to others. No marking, under lining or any other damage to the book is allowed.
Students are required to examine the book at the time of borrowing and report to the librarian, if there is any damage or missing of pages or pictures etc.,
Books lost, damage or handled carelessly will have to be paid for or replaced. Principal's decision will be final in this matter.
Staff and students of all branches must return the borrowed books before obtaining the hall tickets. Only then students will be allowed to appear for the final exam. There will be no issue of books during summer vacation.
Books borrowed by a student must not be returned through another student.